About Me


I was born in Ohio and we moved to Alabama when I was around 7.  My name was unusual at the time, so my little 4 letter name got completely butchered by my southern teachers all through elementary school. I really am shocked at how simple it was to get a name that simple, so wrong!

My first job out of college was in visual merchandising.  I had seen the movie Mannequin and I just had a dream that my career, in Alabama, would be just like that.  So, let’s think about it, I am going to live in Alabama and have a dream career like a movie based on a very large New York department store.  Hmmm…..  Now we see why that didn’t work!

I’m an ordinary person, but every now and then, interesting things happen. Other highlights of my past include:

| Family |

There were only four of us in our family.  My dad, mom, brother and myself.  I am the oldest child, which of course meant my poor brother would be forever terrorized by my antics.

One example of such antics would be when I convinced my brother to wear fingernail polish.  I told him all of the boys were doing it.  This was a time, when boys just did not do these things and so after I did it, my parents freaked out and I was grounded.  There was also the time I tried to convince my brother it was okay to be like a dog, and let’s just say, use the bathroom outside on my parents freshly manicured lawn.  That didn’t go over so well either.  You get the picture!

Our house was fun and I was very social in high school, so I was always in and out and going here and there. I loved having a social life and could not wait to carry it into college.

| War Eagle! |

When deciding to go to college in Alabama, for the most part you have the choice between two major state universities.  You have Auburn University and the University of Alabama.  When you pick one, you pretty much pledge your life to that college, especially during football season.

I had grown up a University of Alabama football fan, but when it came time to pick colleges, we visited Auburn and I never looked back.  I pledged a great social sorority and have some wonderful memories of my college years.

| Reality Bites |

After college, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, because that was the big city.  My first job out of college was in visual merchandising.  Mannequin it was not.  I did the displays and worked my tail off for $10 an hour. Then I decided it was time to use my Master’s degree in Education.

I was certified to teach Family and Consumer Science, formerly known as Home Economics.  I knew it might be hard, but I wanted to try it.  I did not have good success in this field. Family and Consumer Science is the first program cut in budget cuts. If you know anything about education, you know that education in the state of Alabama is not really up on the highest level. I just could not find a job in this field so after a few years, I hung it up to work in the family business.

I began working in my dad’s medical office in the field of billing and coding.  I started looking around at online schools that offered this and thought about teaching it.  I had someone tell me they would hire me in a second if I got certified, so I got certified in medical billing and coding and my online teaching profession took off.

So, currently I teach from home and design and develop curriculum and do medical billing. My inspiration for this site came from when I went through a hard time in my life and I decided to write about it as God led me to. I feel that there are so many times we question what is going on in our lives because we are only human. Many times just a few simple words are all you need to hear to feel better about the direction in which your life is going and hopefully what I write does just that.

If you like my writing style and realize my education and work experience have provided me with a great deal of knowledge, I can help you with your writing. I can help to create blog posts that generate a large audience among other things. Please use the contact page to let me know if you are interested.