We all know a Cowardly Lion

We often think of a lion as being brave. That is unless you think of the cowardly lion featured in The Wizard of Oz. When you think of that lion, you might even think of someone you know who is a cowardly lion. For those of you that don’t know, the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz has a big bark, but when it comes to facing something difficult, he is scared and full of fear.

I think we can all even think of times when we have been cowardly lions. There are times when you come across like an intimidating person, someone who knows everything.  People might even respect you, but when it comes to doing something hard, to facing something that is a difficult decision, you avoid it.

One time a friend of mine was a cowardly lion. This is a girl with a bubbly personality and a strong spirit. Someone who you think probably never cries. She was dating a guy and she really liked him. She saw a future with him. There was only one problem, timing. She was just not ready to get serious. She did not want to lose him, so she kept him at arms length, but when she thought he was going to do something that would make her have to make a decision, she avoided him. This hurt him, badly. By the time this was said and done, she had ruined even the chance of a friendship with him. The sad thing is that about 4 months after they quit talking, she realized what a huge mistake she made, but it was too late. She had avoided him one too many times and he got fed up and moved on.

This was someone who you would think would face problems head on. This is a person who you would think would never do this, but she did. She was a cowardly lion.

It can be easy to be a cowardly lion. You are faced with a hard choice in life, so you just avoid it. You hope it will go away and you won’t have to face it, but it never does and you might even ruin it.

As I said earlier, we have all had times we have been cowardly lions. I would like to think that we could learn from these situations. Many times we do, but there are times when we don’t and it is just too late. My advice to everyone is don’t be a cowardly lion. You may think you are strong and you like people to think that, but avoiding hard issues is not good. You need to face them head on.

My friend actually talked to the guy about their situation, yes four months later and he was kind of seeing someone else. You know what, they got together after all, but it took time. This was time that they could have been together, but instead it was like starting from scratch and there were some trust issues. So the four months apart, the few months when they were talking and she was scared and the other couple of months to work it out, that is a lot of wasted time that could have been avoided.

The next time you feel like you can’t face your issues and that avoiding them is the best way to handle it, think about the other person. Think about their feelings. Think about how you feel about them and the damage you might be doing to the relationship. Think about these things and then man up and say what is on your mind. I can guarantee you if you do that, you will have much more success than avoiding it.

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